Real Estate Disputes and Quiet Title Actions. 

The Great Recession created a ton of opportunity for our investment group, hedge fund, and property manager clients (some of whom you have seen on TV). An unprecedented wave of title issues followed, especially for properties purchased in bankruptcy and HOA foreclosure sales. We have successfully helped:

- Purchasers of properties subject to prior deeds of trust get clear title and remove liens at below market rates prior to public advertisement of foreclosure sales (creating uncrowded mini-markets for our clients). 

- Halt foreclosure sales of properties purchased subject to at HOA auctions, allowing clients to rent at near pure profit levels for multiple lease cycles. 

- Garner settlements for investors in excess of 50% of the property purchase price by pursuing illegal collection and notice requirements by the banks against their former borrowers. 

- Resolve property damage disputes in common interest communities, amicably remove prior owners and tenants after property is purchased at foreclosure, and favorably settle subrogation matters. 

We handle Nevada Real Estate Division complaints and alternative dispute resolution matters.